All good things come to those who wait…

Patience is a virtue for client and artist alike when it comes to big tattoos. Below is some of the work the Dynamic Crew currently have on the go…

Full back piece by Rob Abell – 6 sessions so far

First session on a forearm piece by Jake Fraser

First session on a “Big Trouble in Little China” half sleeve by Rob Abell

Second session with some colour

First session on a chest piece by Rob Abell

We’ll bring you the finished pieces in a month or two and don’t forget you can book all your appointments for big work right from the start. Call the shop on 03 9428 0444 to book your first consult – winter is the perfect time to get big pieces done and dusted!


New from Jake Fraser…

Check out some of Jake Fraser’s new work!

The Dreamboat in action

We’re also very proud to announce that Jake will be doing the Run Melbourne marathon in July raising money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation! You can head to Jake’s fundraising page HERE to make a donation.

The word on Swan Street is that if Jake doubles his target he’s going to work a day WEARING NOTHING BUT HIS RUNNING SKINS… so dig deep ladies (and gents, Jake’s not fussy where the money comes from)!

Steve’s Grizzlurky by Jake

Steve's Grizzlurky (Grizzly Bear/Turkey) by Jake

Here’s a fun one from a few weeks ago, Steve flew over from Adelaide especially to see our Jake Dreamboat for this interesting combination of a Grizzly Bear and Turkey, aptly titled Grizzlurky.