Mum’s the Word

Made popular during World War II, the traditional “mother” tattoo was sported by many sailors wanting to keep their mums close to their heart during their time at sea. As with most tattoos of the era, Sailor Jerry flash shows various examples of the “mom” tattoo.

Sailor Jerry flash

Almost 70 years on the tradition is still going strong. Hearts, scrolls and other old-school designed tributes to the most import lady in our lives are often requested. Dynamic tattooers Jake and Rob both wear ink in celebration of their mums.

Jake Fraser’s homage to his mum Marnee

Rob Abell’s tribute to his mum Rosemary

Tattoo by Rob Abell (photo courtesy of client Jake – his mum Rita was chuffed)

And let’s not forget that mums themselves sport their own tattoos – often in celebration of their kids! New mum and regular Dynamic client Sandi chose to celebrate the birth of her first baby with some beautiful script. She now has plans to do the same with recently arrived bub number two.

Tattoo by Rob Abell

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Get your mum (or your kids’ mum) a tattoo voucher for Mother’s Day – we just can’t guarantee they’ll want your name in a heart!